Best Capture Card of 2014

The Best Capture Card of 2014 has to be a card that is easy to use, gives great quality, and has a wide rage of features. For me the Avermedia Live Gamer HD PCIe capture card is the Best HD Capture Card of 2014 for recording Xbox 360 video games.

The Best Capture Card is Easy To Use:

Best HD HDMI Capture Card
Best HD HDMI Capture Card

The Avermedia Live Gamer HD PCIe capture card is really easy to install. You install it into a PCIe 1x slot on your motherboard inside your computer tower. If you ever installed a PCI card before you will know installing a 1x card is the easiest one because of how small the slot is and you do not have to line it up as much, it just falls into place. Other than the physical installation of the card the software and drivers for the capture card are pretty easy to install as long as you download the latest drivers from the manufactures website. Most software that comes with computer parts are out of date by the time you get it in the mail so it’s always a good idea to check their site if you have trouble installing the drivers that come with your capture card.
Another thing that makes this the best capture card of 2014 is it comes with a USB recording button that you can easily press down to start recording with one click. No other capture cards out right now come with a external start and stop button for recording your videos which makes this one pretty special.

The Best Capture Card produces High Quality Videos:

The Avermedia Live Gamer HD capture card allows you to easily get started recording anything by using a single hdmi cable. Just plug your device into the capture card with an hdmi cable and start recording in full HD quality  If you are new to capturing video or have been doing it for years the capture card’s software is made for all levels. You can begin by selecting one of the three presets “Newbie, Amateur, or Pro” depending on your level of experience. The Newbie section of the software will ask you just the basic questions so you can begin capturing video. The Amateur section gives you access to a bit more settings and the Pro section gives you access to all the settings that you can use to make your video the highest quality. This capture card will record video at 1080p @30FPS or 720p @60FPS (Frams per Second). The bitrate of the video can be adjusted from 1,000kbps – 20,000kbps.

  • Watch the videos to see the quality of the Best Capture Card of 2014!

The Best Capture Card has a Wide Range of Features:

The features of this capture card are great! When you buy this card you will get 3 months free of Xsplit, it’s a service you can use to live stream what you are capturing onto the internet live. It comes with all of the cables needed to setup the card and get it running. The software included is perfect to capture video, no need to look for a 3rd party software to record your videos. The software is one important thing to look at when you are looking for capture cards because a lot of cards do not come with the best software. The Avermedia Live Gamer HD also has an on-board encoder to reduce the heavy load on your computer when recording video. With the on-board encoder it helps a lot if you do not have an extreme machine that you are using to record with. Therefore you do not have to upgrade your entire system to get starting making videos all you will need is a capture card installed.

For these reasons this is why I think the Avermedia Live Gamer HD is the Best Capture Card of 2014. The capture card is easy to use and setup, the card produces very high quality video and the software is made for any experience level. Lastly but, not least the capture card comes with a wide range of features and accessories to get you started recording videos within an hour or less.

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The steps to perform a dental implant procedure

dental surgeonsOften the dental implants surgery in Butler pa is recommended by a patient’s personal doctor and is performed by a dental surgeon. The dental implant procedure can be performed in the dentist office and occasionally in a hospital setting. Normally, the patient is given a local anesthesia, but nitrous oxide or an oral shot can be given instead. The success and the process of the procedure will depend on each individual patient, but the general steps of the procedure are the same.

The first step of the dental implant process is to replace the root of the tooth with an implant. The surgeon bores out a hole into where the tooth used to be so that he may install the implant. The butler pa dental implants surgeon will bore all the holes he needs on the jaw before proceeding to the implants. The surgeon will then insert the implants far enough into the gum so that it can not be seen over the gum. Though the gum will have to be cut away later, this allows him to set the implant next to the jaw bone for stability and strength. When all of the implants are placed and secure, this step is complete.

There is some debate as to whether the second step is part of the first step or a step in itself. In this step, the surgeon checks to make sure that the implants are securely placed and mounted. After he has checked this, he adds a compound called abutment to secure the implants into the gums. Abutment is a gum or cement that forms a cuff around the implant and holds the implant steady within the gun and in the jaw. Some surgeons believe that adding the abutment before the implant is inserted allows the implant to be seated and allows for a more secure fit. For this reason, this step is often combined with the first step. If the abutment is added while performing step one, there is no need for the added surgery of cutting the gum away from the implant that was spoken about in step one.

The third and final step of the dental implant procedure is installing the prosthetic teeth. This step is done after the abutment has set and the gums have healed. The implants have to have anchored themselves into the bone of the jaw and strong enough to receive the teeth. Once all of this is confirmed, the surgeon inserts the prosthetic teeth into the implants. The patient will heal and will now have a set of brand new teeth. Learn More at

Dental Implant Surgery Butler PA Image - Venngage

Interesting infographic I found explaining a few key points why dental implants should be used for teeth replacements. Hope you enjoy it!