is a site comprised of several original members of which originally launched in the fall of 2000. Several team members worked on other sites throughout the years following the demise of the SEGA Dreamcast and the company’s subsequent exit from the hardware business. While isn’t comprised completely of the original team, the basic foundation is there. began as an idea for a new platform to deliver news and reviews via the internet in early 2007 based on the success of the Microsoft consoles in recent years. The site faced pitfalls early on with a high turn-over rate with the staff before the new site had even launched. While preparations were made for a successful launch, a forum was established with a large number of dedicated members who assisted in establishing the and XF names within gaming groups.

The official site launched on June 26th, 2007 to a great reception from the gaming public. This was due in great part to the help of industry insiders who passed stories on to the site in an effort to help growth and establish viewer-ship and exposure.

Within the site’s first month of being online, XF had been visited by over 34,000 unique users with well over 235,000 page views. This was a great triumph for the XF team who had been out of the gaming site biz for almost 6 years. The following month showed steady growth with an additional 64,000 unique guests visiting the fledgling site. Another great milestone for the site was that the 1 ½ month old forums reached over 9,500 posts before being changed over to the current bulletin board system in place now.

At there is no limitation to our reach. With unbiased news, reviews, and previews, we’ve already won over gamers in more than 7 countries, which show up as 15 percent of our regular userbase. Everyone at makes sure that all gamers feel welcome when they stop by. Family isn’t just a word in our name; it’s what we’re about. continues to grow daily. After making a large scale move of the site and forums to new servers and software in late August of 07, we anticipate even greater growth as we continue to provide gamers with the latest news in an environment that’s friendly and helpful. At XF, every member is part of our team, because every member is part of our family.